I am the Self Proclaimed Queen Mum On the Go, humanitarian, Beauti Blogger and Owner of Perennial Beauti. A chill day for me is foraging through Pinterest for the perfect recipe to try, watching Thomas and Friends with my Henny Bear, and Journaling.  I am obsessed with making woman feel good about themselves through makeup.  The beauty industry has been an outlet for me to truly be myself, and  I am so proud to say that I have been part of a Renaissance of Makeup Lovers which for me goes back about a decade ago. It's amazing how many twists and turns this journey has taken. Before I discovered my passion for makeup my original dream was to be a fashion designer. In my years of doing makeup I've met some pretty extraordinary women. Most of them are women just like me, trying to maintain my image while juggling the responsibilities of being everything from mom to entrepreneurs. One of the most important days of my life was when I became a mom and I quickly learned that with all the responsibilities it was becoming harder and harder to Slay.
I just didn't have enough TIME! My clients would say the same! "it is becoming too hard to keep up with my appearance when I have so much to do", or I'd hear  "I watch YouTube Tutorials and I still can't do my makeup". I thought there must be an easier more efficient way,  So I came up with a solution called the #ReadyIn7! All you need are 7 of your favorite staples from your makeup bag and 7 minutes to spare. Boom! You're #ReadyIn7. What truly makes me happy is being able to share this discovery with all of you, in faith that it will keep Women on the go, following their dreams and all while Being a Beauti Queen!


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