I am so excited, I finally have a skincare regimen, and with products that are more amazing than I thought that they'd be. Look, when it comes to skincare you definitely should be a skeptic. It's your face and it's the very first thing that other women get into before they get into your look. You know that up and down stare that fashionistas often give each other. Here's what has been taking my skin to a "whole nutha level".

The Wash

Beauti On the Go Tip - A good friend recommended that I wash my face in the shower.  The deluge helps to rinse the skin and is good with leaving no residue behind.  Turn the water to lukewarm and let it rain.

Cleanser - pours out like syrup so a little goes a long way, so a dime size amount will suffice. If you have oily skin or have any product on your skin prior to washing it, you won't see the suds initially. It has a fresh botanical smell that is Spa-like and is calm and soothing. Rinse and Repeat for a complete cleansed feel. My skin doesn't feel tight after washing it which I love, which means it feels clean without feeling stripped of the natural oils.

The Peel - I incorporate the peel in my regimen twice a week. It is a gentle exfoliant that strips away dead skin and minimizes fine lines, pores and wrinkles. I have been using it for almost 2 months and have noticed a difference in how smooth my skin feels and looks. This stuff is the Truth!! After rinsing off the cleanser I spread a generous amount (but not too generous) on my face and neck avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

PreventAGE- Day Cream Gel- smells like a Botanical Dream. Lastly I apply a small amount to my face and neck and I love the fact that it does not leave a greasy film on my face. It helps to further minimize fine lines, and pores , protects my skin from the sun, and the smoothness is impeccable. I haven't used anything that made my skin feel this good in years.

I don't get to go to the spa very often and if you're a mom on the go, I can imagine that "you time" is very limited. This is what you need to recharge every day!

Check out these other Products: Toner, RepairAge (night cream), and Facial to complete this Spa Treatment.


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