A friend of mine who moved to Georgia and had been a frequent client,  would call me and say "Can you show me how to do a winged eyeliner?". One day I recorded myself doing it in 3 easy steps and I remember her thanking me profusely. I sent it to another friend who lives in Connecticut and she was elated. From that moment on I knew that this was something that I could do.

Fast Forward to a few months ago, I made a decision to take my career of working in retail and all the things that I had learned in the last 10 years about makeup and applied them to my own business. I came across a woman named Nyala Phillip who is known for her Social Media, and Branding strategies. I signed on as her client and I have been getting some amazing results. On a personal level she is no stranger to keeping it real. She called me one day and said " I need you to teach me how to do my makeup".  This woman lives at least 3 hours away. "I need you to teach me on skype". I immediately felt tingly, The Universe has spoken! We know that the Universe has a funny way of  placing people and circumstances with one simple request. I took on the challenge! She was looking like a snack in less than 30 minutes.

Masterminds are amazing! So many women can benefit from this! Women on the go this is for you! Never leave your house with a bare face ever again. All you need is a smartphone and your makeup bag. Now you can have a makeup tutorial that is hands on with a coach.

I am offering this amazing opportunity for $47 to start. Are you feeling like you need more than one lesson? Book 3 Sessions for $97. It's Affordable, Easy, and it's Fast!



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