Have you ever gone to YouTube to get a tutorial on how to do your makeup and heard "This look is really easy to do",  and after watching you're  just as baffled  as you were before you even tuned in? Well I have come up with a solution. It starts with just doing you. Not all of us are makeup gurus. In fact the "every day woman" prefers not to wear any at all. According to an article in the New York Times "Sans Makeup S'il Vous Plait" French women reported that they felt old and that they looked "too sexual". A study that was conducted in 2012 reported 44 percent of American Women felt unattractive without makeup.

These days, we are living in a world where you're only as good as your last selfie. I just believe that we should be more obsessed with tightening our skin and having equally as youthful necks, and living blemish free as opposed to layering on product after product. Huffington Post reported: 25 percent of young women ages 13 or younger are wearing makeup.  This is about the time in a young girls life where her confidence declines significantly.  If you were anything like I was at age 13 you had no self esteem. This study was conducted 4 years ago, Can you imagine what the percentage is now?

Being a Make Up Artist allows me to meet women of all caliburs. Changing my circle of women made me realize through " silent surveys" or observations, most Real women are too damn busy to bust out 20 products. I've even watched how long it takes the dancers who chose to do their own makeup in the club, and I'm disgusted at how long it takes them. To keep it all real the outcome is hit or miss.  Let's Face it! If you're a "Queen Mum on the Go", you are faced with lifes everyday challenges and makeup should not be one of them. You have to get in and get out. Life is so demanding and time consuming your makeup routine should not be.

Here is how to get #ReadyIn7


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