September 2016 is all about more. You've worked hard all spring planting the seeds, all summer you watch with a close eye and you maintain your crop and then September comes and you've got more than what you had when you started out. Well September for me is all about harvesting. #SeptemberMore,  represents abundance. Now is the time! As the school year commences it is time to get focused and put your best foot forward. Septemeber in New York City are a Big Deal! The weather gets cooler and so does the fashion. Fashionistas from everywhere come out to celebrate creativity and self expression. September is a crucial month for anyone in business. With 3 months left in the year successful business owners of large and small companies understand that this is the final quarter to build customer retention. It is a time to set up the set up and prepare to execute. Use #SeptemberMore if you are ready to initiate and finish the year off strong.


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