The feeling of taking your makeup off and loving the way your skin looks is back. A lot of this feeling can come from embracing and working with what you have, simply because there are so many natural and conventional ways to fall in love with your skin again. On one hand you can do things like keeping your pillow cases clean by changing your linen once a week. Using a disinfecting wipe to clean your phone screen, and keeping clean hair. Who knew that these are legit factors to the reason why your skin may be acting up? Since my obsession with skin has started I've been on the hunt for some natural ways to make my skin glow. Girl! I've found everything from Aloe to apple cider vinegar, even rose water. The possibilities are endless. DIY is life! Knowing what can naturally make your skin glow and only spending a fraction on things like aloe vera, or 'cheffin' up your favorite facial mask can give you life changing results.

 Did you know that wearing less foundation keeps acne away?  Skin care is becoming more of an obsession. I was told that your foundation only looks as good as your skin does. Working with some of makeups most valuable Key Artists has really opened my eyes to how foundation should be worn and let's face it we all don't have skin like the models you see however to keep it all the way real no one has model skin.

 I've seen the pros do magic tricks using little to no foundation. So why so much? The model in the cover photo could have on foundation however I want the kind of skin where you can't tell where my foundation starts or ends. You want to make some changes for 2017 you say?  Hone in on your skin. After all it's really the only thing holding all that Beauti together. Investing in a good skin care regimen is never a bad idea just pay attention to your skin type and what the products are offering for your type.

If you want to add glow to your skin with makeup try incorporating your favorite moisturizer with your foundation, or using an illuminating foundation, dewy finishing sprays, or repurpose your gloss to use on your cheeks for a gorgeous glow.

I took the liberty of adding a schedule to keep you on track.


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