Artist: Danessa Myricks

Artist: Danessa Myricks

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show or IMATS is in New York and it's like Christmas Shopping on Black Friday. Artists will be able to get super deals on all the products they need, love, and have been obsessed with all year. With the rise of so many Beauty Brands, and the advancement on products and tools from the ones we know and love how could a pro, enthusiast or fan not make an event of the day. Personally, I lived for the day that I could walk in as a pro, and the day has come. There are so many perks. First and foremost having a pro card whether blue, red, white, gold or silver means 1st dibs and serious deals! On Pro day The lines are shorter because shoppers mean business. Chances are they will be clutching lists with payment methods ready to go! It's a great place to network and meet artists from all over. You know I'm Queen Mum-On the Go and it just wouldn't be right if I didn't have to grab my necessities and dash.

So what exactly do you buy when you're there? My advice to myself "get what you need and what will make your life as an artist run smoother." I'm sure there will be some things that I will completely geek over and swear death if it isn't in my tote before my departure. I promised myself I'd be responsible, which is complete torture granted all of the brands that will be in the building. MAC Pro will even be there and they haven't done the show in years. I'm planning to look for lighting and I definitely need to stop at Lady Moss and Nigel's Beauty Emporium. If you are going today, I will see you there. If you will be in attendance Saturday and Sunday, or this will be your 1st IMATS I hope you have a blast!

Exhibitors and Brands List  <<<------Click the link!


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