It was a dreary Sunday morning and I overslept due to overthinking the night before. #ReadySetGlo event was starting in two hours and I hadn't even awaken my rambunctious 3 year old. I  got a call from Monique Bivens, Entrepreneur/Owner of Brazilian Babes and host of the event . She was giving me a rundown of what to expect and what needed to be done, then she mentioned that there would be no cupcakes. I paused for a moment in disbelief because our flyer boasted about these cupcakes for weeks. After the call I continued to get myself and Hendrix dressed leaving my hair for the last minute.  I practically dragged him several blocks. The venue- Uptown's most chic and pristine waxing salon located on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. In the heart of Harlem. Upon my arrival I noticed Monique in the mirror doing her makeup. She had obviously done events like this before, after all she is a savvy business owner who was raised in Harlem in the very area of which her establishment stood. "You look calm" I said to her as I was literally drenched in sweat from rushing with my wheels turning the whole way. She was easy like Sunday morning as she chuckled and reassured me that everything would be fine. I gave myself a pep talk and took a deep breath to fight off the thought of "NO CUPCAKES!?!? What are people gonna say???"

Well, our supporters were on time and my hair was still a mess. The show must go on! It Truly did. Our supporters came walking through the door with great vibes that were hungry for information. The ambience was perfectly lit by a beautiful crystal chandelier that gave the room a calming glow. We featured a special wine that had everyone inquiring where it came from and how they could get their hands on their own. It set the mood for a two hour discussion that seemed to be amongst friends that had known each other for years. We shared our stories and plans for the future. Everyone in the room had information that we all needed. We exchanged emails and social handles and talks of another event was even buzzing.  Our supporters came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  and the 5 boroughs.

Oh and no one even mentioned the cupcakes. I would say the event was very successful.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support. I would like to give a special thanks to Monique Bivens for giving me the opportunity to share my business, and supporting my dream.

If you have photos please email them to Be Sure to #ReadySetGlo #ReadySetGlo2017

Jess Perez and I pose for a shot in Harlem's most sought after waxing boutique, Brazilian Babes #ReadySetGlo #ReadySetGlo2017

Jess Perez and I pose for a shot in Harlem's most sought after waxing boutique, Brazilian Babes #ReadySetGlo #ReadySetGlo2017


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