I wish I could do it all over again!! I met up with my friend Jessica who happens to be a celebrity makeup artist and has been in the game for quite some time. We had gone the year before last and had a great time.  I love being with seasoned artists so that I get a sneak peek at the things they must have, they dislike, and their honest opinions about everything. Jessica definitely doesn't cut corners in that department.  Pro card holders as I said in my last post get 1st dibs on all Tradeshow discounts up to 40%. Another major benefit is that you are able to shop at your leisure because the crowd is specific to Artists, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians.

My Favorite part of the day was running into some familiar faces. I've met some incredible people since I've pursued makeup as a profession. I'm so lucky and honored to be in this industry because there is always a party and most of all it is recession proof! Everyone loves beauty and beauty experts are todays demigods.  Finally owning the title, I've chosen to surround myself with the best and push myself to be the best despite all the things that Queen Mum has on her plate. 

We were approaching The Make Up Light booth which was adjacent to  Danessa Myricks Beauty and Cozzette.  There was the demigod herself talking and snapping photos while actively running her business. I called her name as if she was an old friend that I had not seen in years. We walked toward each other with open arms as she gave me the tightest hug. Seriously, I know I'm not trippin' this hug was so warm, it even ended with a tight squeeze. Ms. Myricks is an example of an artist with no ego and a jack of all trades. She is not only an artist, she's a photographer, entrepreneur, and educator with 2 published books. Ugh! my year is set! Her warm spirit was super inviting and she talked to everyone with the same tone of voice. Danessa Myricks energy is so beautiful that it is contagiously calming and inviting. It was such a pleasure meeting her. 


I still can't believe I got to meet this beautiful woman! Danessa Myricks <3, IMATS NYC 2017

I still can't believe I got to meet this beautiful woman! Danessa Myricks <3, IMATS NYC 2017

Ok so I had a fan girl moment, lets get to the haul. Check out my video where I talk about all the things I purchased.


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