Roses are Red...

or sometimes they're pink and added to distilled water.

My 1st encounter with rose water was at Lela Rose's show during NYFW. The Glam team was greeted by an amazing breakfast and rose water from Pressed to drink. To my knowledge rose water was only for skin care. The whole team was surprised. We had mixed reviews. Some refused to drink it while others like myself loved it! It was different.  It had a crisp and refreshing taste. I chugged a few more (because I'm greedy) and every time I burped it tasted like rose. LOL So I had to researchthe benefits. Turns out drinking rose water helps reduce menstrual cramps and contains Vitamin C which is highly effective in blocking the skin from free radical damage ultimately preventing premature aging.  When added to a spray bottle, It is literally liquid balance for your life!

7 Key Benefits to Balance ta vie

1. Brightens under eye circles over time.

2. Balances the skins pH after ripping it away from cleansing.

3. Contributes to the circulation of tiny blood vessels located under skin, therefore promoting hair growth.

4. Calms and soothes eczema, acne, and dermatitis.

5. Nourishes and moisturizes hair.

6.Strengthens skin cells and helps regenerate skin tissue.

7. Great makeup setting spray.


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