Dear Customer,

Without you life would be so different. I appreciate you in so many ways...girl with all due respect you have given me a run for my money and with that being said, your money will always be well spent.

The Server

From food service, to retail service, to now serving my own clients, I've spent my career dedicated to the comfort ability of the shopper. @iam_Eloho the grams favorite Entertainer/Beauty Enthusiast's Video entitled "SEPHORA vs. MAC", has customers and artists all over the world discussing the topic. You know I had to give my opinion. I was definitely tickled because her views are accurate. As far as service goes SEPHORA is winning, although I am not sure why customer service is still an issue. As a former MAC Cosmetics insider, the companies focus has been customer service for years. It was all I ever talked about with my teams and It was the meat and potatoes of every LAST update I ever attended.

I've met clients from all walks of life. I wonder just how many interactions I've had in the last 18 years of service. In my experience many have come in with a chip that I felt I needed to break down before I gave them the Troi experience. With very few unsuccessful attempts, I've spent my career dedicated to making the customer feel welcomed. In addition to this statement I will say that It's easy to become the artist in the video. With a majority of clientele being women and also fitting the description, women aren't a slice of cake. I would experience daily internal brawls because on the outside I was smiling and speaking in my retail voice, but inside I was the artist Eloho was describing. I'd go grab that "Shiny matte" that the client was asking for even after I've explained that it is virtually impossible for anything on the planet to be shiny and matte. Chanting  to myself " I love my job, I love my job" as I go grab a Satin Lipstick and a banging gloss to shake up her look.  To keep it all real, I'm sure at some point customers have had this perception of me as well.

The Customer isn't ALWAYS Right...

Of course you want to help them and give an experience while going from A-Z. I can safely and positively attest that customers are like snow flakes, no interaction is alike. I've Never had a bad experience in Sephora they are thorough and knowledgeable. I would love to be the fly on the wall during their trainings.

All jokes aside, Eloho's video has gone viral.  As a former employee of MAC Cosmetics, it was customer service boot camp. The video should definitely be played for artists in the next MAC update. I'm sure it's already in the works.






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