Skimming through my emails on March 3rd, I just so happened to see an email that almost made me kill over in glee. Pat McGrath was releasing the second edition of Skin Fetish 003 Highlighting Kit. The kit dropped at 12pm, when I got to it was well after 3pm and it was still available for purchase. "Look at God" I thought to myself as I wasted no time proceeding to checkout. I was in complete disbelief while  trying to purchase the Lust 004 Lip Kit (Naomi wears in the photo), the most popular glitter lip of 2016/17 and was unsuccessful because it seemed to have sold out in 6 seconds rather than 6 minutes, totaling the site for a few days. My Skin Fetish 003 Kit arrived in less than 72 Hours. The packaging had a hologram frame with transparent front sort of like a window where you could see the silver sequins stuffing. I stared at it for hours as I imagined all the things I could do with it. If I even opened it. I experienced several emotions at a time, realizing that I should have bought the gold kit as well.


For those who are not makeup junkies, Pat McGrath is "The most influential makeup artist in the world" as she was named in Vogue and InStyle magazine. What a title! Name calling has nothing on the years and the magnitude of work that she has contributed to the Fashion industry. She practically is the industry completing 80 shows a season, and is responsible for creating cosmetic lines for Georgio Armani, Dolce & Gabana, Gucci, CoverGirl, and Max Factor. McGrath is the 1st Global Creative design director for Procter & Gamble Beauty. She's a rather busy woman! Not bad for a poor kid growing up outside of London in Northhampton. She discusses growing up with the heavy influence of her mother Jean McGrath who's love of makeup and fashion would have her examining magazines, makeup and clothing on a daily basis. They would travel from department store to beauty supply stores in search of the right foundation to fit her mom's complexion, which at the time seemed to be a futile quest. McGrath was then taught to make her own makeup. She would mix eyeshadows and experiment with textures and as you can see in her work created went against trends as she became the go to for creating them. McGrath is responsible for creating the looks for Prada and Miu Miu for the past decade. Never playing by the rules, McGrath is an example of taking chances with a  daring spirit that  led her to sneaking into shows with friends and impersonating magazine editors. She was asked later on to travel on tour with Soul II Soul to Japan and had never been on a plane before. The opportunity presented itself and she took it. It was her 1st big break.  Today her art has adorned the faces of Super Model Naomi Campbell to Bella Hadid, Leaving her The world's Top earning, Black, female makeup artist in the world.

I'm especially fascinated with McGrath because of her attention to detail with skin. Almost never employing a brush to create her looks, skin is a major focus and it stands out as it is never a mask but barely there.  Her unique style is the apotheosis of artistry from the way she can use unconventional things  like pieces of foil, metal,  lace, beads, and jewelry to create looks that could only be hers. McGrath has a following of 1.2 million fans and is truly the Queen Mum of Makeup!

Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Kit on Rihanna for W Magazine.

Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Kit on Rihanna for W Magazine.


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