The Question has certainly been raised in the past, and is still one that continues to raise Hmmm's when buying skincare. Well what you should be asking yourself or your client is what type of skin they have. Typically if someone has oily skin, toners help to minimize the appearance of sebum and oil on skin's surface. Is your client's Skin Dry, have enlarged pores, sensitive skin? its even great for normal skin when the right product is chosen. 

For years my Grammie would have her beauty regime which would seemingly take an hour. She would brush her teeth, comb her hair, pull it back, tie it down and then she would wash her face. Her last few steps would be using cotton pads with the clear liquid and rub her face and neck with it. The bottle looked like rubbing alcohol. I always wondered why ln hell would anyone want to rub alcohol on their face every night??? One day I just had to see what it was, and to my surprise it was "Witch Hazel". My Gram's Skin was always soft, smooth, and radiant looking. She never had any blemishes and if she did they never stayed for long periods of time. I also noticed that her skin never seemed dry or oily ever! She's also in her 70's with tight skin.

So the answer is YES! The Benefits of this Unicorn Juice: Cleansed, tighter skin with less blemishes that also tones and soothes any redness. Great results for even the most sensitive skin and never overdrying after removing excess sebum and oil. This Product is Hypo- allergenic and Dermatologists approve! You can find this product at any Walgreens, CVS, or local Beauty Supply store. Comment below and let me know what you think after using it for a week.  

Tip: Use after cleansing with a mild wash instead of bar soap. (I use my ItWorks! Cleanser). Dampen a cotton pad to wipe the face and neck area gently.  My favorite is the Dickinson's Energizing Astringent for Revitalization.  It Gives me the boost I need to start my day and feels super clean right before bed.

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