The mission for picture idealized skin has been on since I've entered my 30s. I never truly gave careful consideration to my skin since It generally looks smooth and youthful. I was never expected to do anything, with the exception of keeping it clean. One would argue that it still looks youthful however, looking back at some old photos BB (Before Baby) there is a gigantic distinction. My day by day regimen comprised of Dove white bar and lukewarm water for years.

I became acquainted with healthy skin and a real regimen a few years back. There was one part that I've discovered is so critical,  and that is EXFOLIATING. Sadly I was not doing this. Without exfoliating you're simply utilizing your skin care and receiving minimal reward. Peeling and scrubbing really helps creams and serums work.


The largest organ on your body is so interesting. It naturally protects you from damaging UV rays and other environmental damage by renewing itself. How dope is that? The experts call it cell turnover. Cell turnover naturally keeps your skin youthful however adding this one simple step can help accelerate it. Naturally I took my obsession and went on research overdrive. I wanted to know everything about exfoliating. How often? What should I be using? Where can I get it? I'm sure you now have the same inquiries, well keep reading. Your girl has the answers.

How often?

Exfoliate according to your skin type. For Dry/Sensitive skin it is recommended that you exfoliate 1-2xs a week. If you have oily skin, experts recommend that you exfoliate 3-4xs a week. My personal advice is to use a gentle exfoliator. Throw a brightening and softening mask in once or twice to avoid over exfoliating. Mature skin is a bit tricky as it can also be oily or dry, so 2-3 times will get those new cells in formation.


You can use a swiss deluxe bath brush to gently brush over dry skin before entering the shower. Electric brushes like the famous Clarisonic have been the top skin care implement for a few years now. If you ask me it's a great investment. Get one that has 2 or more brush heads. Toss the Loofah! Loofahs can do the job however it should be thrown away after the 1st use because it is breeding grounds for bacteria. You can use exfoliating gloves or mitts. Avoid products that have large pieces like coffee or shells. These can cause microscopic tears on the skin that can be harmful and expose your skin to bacteria and free radical damage. Sugar scrubs are perfect as they tend to dissolve.


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Exfoliating Do's and Don'ts


Follow Directions. All products are not created equal. Avoid having to correct a problem that could have been avoided. Especially pertaining to those with allergies and sensitive skin.


Over Exfoliate. Over Exfoliation can lead to swelling or puffiness, redness, and inflammation. If your skin feels raw discontinue exfoliation. Allow skin to heal before you start again. Remember to be gentle as you do not want to tear your skin.


Choose correctly. If you are not sure about your skin type, see a dermatologist.


Exfoliate in the morning. Exfoliate at night Only.


Ready to add exfoliating to your skin care regimen?

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If you have already made exfoliating your life, thanks for reading. Please comment your experiences with exfoliating. Can't wait to chat.


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